A love of animation, comic books and pop culture has been the driving force behind a successful fifteen year career as an Illustrator and Visual Development Artist. Creating concept art for animation, Illustrating children's books, producing artwork for exhibition and much more, have allowed me to produce appealing art for some of the world's biggest brands and entertainment companies. I can tackle time sensitive work with ease and truly enjoy learning new skills when the opportunity arises. I am always interested in connecting with old friends and new colleagues so please say hello.


  • I have 4 Gaming World Records. I set these records while playing The Guiness Book of Records Nintendo console game.
  • For 8 years I competed as a Professional Wrestler. I had matches across the world from Australia to the United States. While competeing I held two championship belts and being a toy collector I am proud to say I also have an action figure of myself. I also had the opportunity to step into a caged wrestling ring with an evil henchmen (Gabor) from a James Bond film.
  • Producing hiphop music was a passion of mine and I was able to produce and perform my music with some of my favorite childhood artists. It was an amazing moment to hear my music played on radio for the first time and I enjoyed creating music with acts across the world.
  • I have tried my hand at playing Rugby League, Baseball, Cricket and Boxing but it is Basketball that I gravitated towards during school. I played high school basketball and after graduating was proud to play representative basketball for the Logan City Cyclones. Plus, I was once able to slam dunk on a ten foot basketball ring.
  • Using traditional media to create art has been one of my most enjoyable past-times since childhood. Today I am always painting with gouache or using pastel. I've also had experience using ink, graphite, sculpting with clay and more. Any reason to get my hands dirty when creating art makes for a good day!